California's Solar Cities 2012:

This table presents the full listing of cities in California and their total installed amounts of distributed solar photovoltaic power systems, from the Environment California Research & Policy Center report California's Solar Cities 2012: Leaders in the Race Toward a Clean Energy Future. For a discussion of the data and a description of how these numbers were derived, please see the full text of the report, available at


Standing Up for Local Plastic Bag Bans

On June 25, 2013, the California Court of Appeal upheld Marin County’s plastic bag ban against a legal challenge brought by the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition. This is the latest victory for local governments against the plastics industry and its allies. We’ve asked the Court of Appeal to make its opinion an official legal precedent. If our petition is accepted, other cities will be allowed to rely on the court’s findings when defending their own plastic bag ordinances from near-identical plastics industry attacks.