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Blueprint for America

Americans agree: Our nation’s infrastructure needs work. This report provides the blueprint that should form the basis of an infrastructure plan that will make America stronger today and lay the foundation for a brighter future. 

Report | Environment California Research and Policy Center

Renewables on the Rise 2020

Over the last decade, America has seen explosive growth among key technologies it will take to repower the country with clean, renewable energy. Read our new analysis to learn more. 

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Deep Water on the Road to 100

A growing body of research shows that California offshore wind could generate as much as 21 gigawatts (GW) of power - roughly equivalent to about 85 percent of the state’s projected growth in overall renewables capacity by 2030 and 12 percent of its cumulative, projectet renewables growth by 2045. What’s more, offshore wind would not compete with variable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic but would complement them, helping balance their daily swings in generation to provide reliable power for the grid.

Report | Environment California Research and Policy Center

Safe for Swimming 2020 Edition

The Clean Water Act, adopted in 1972, set the goal of making all of our waterways safe for swimming. Nearly a half-century later, Americans visiting their favorite beach are still met all too often by advisories warning that the water is unsafe for swimming. And each year, millions of Americans are sickened by swimming in contaminated water.

Report | Environment California Research and Policy Center

Shining Cities 2020