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Investigating problems and crafting solutions

Tackling air pollution in California: There were 135 days in 2010, or more than a third of the year, when at least part of the state experienced smog levels exceeding the health standard. Our report, “Danger in the Air,” presents data indicating that the problem may have been even worse than we thought, because the national health standard for smog pollution set in 2008 was set at a level that scientists agree is not protective of public health. The report also sets forth practical policy recommendations for reducing air pollution and protecting public health.


Educating the public and making our voices heard

We’ve spoken with more than 100,000 Californians about the toxic effects of single-use plastic bags on our environment. In just two years, disposable bag use decreased by 33%. Fourteen cities and counties have banned disposable plastic bags, and dozens more are taking steps to follow their lead.