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News Release | Environment California

CA Counties and Cities Urged to Adopt SolarAPP+ as Biden Administration Launches New Cost Saving Platform

Sacramento, Calif. – Solar advocates across California applauded the Biden Administration’s newly launched SolarAPP+ and urged county and city leaders to quickly adopt the breakthrough resource to help lower the cost for consumers to go solar...  

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Land Not Needed: Why we should go big on rooftop solar | Laura Deehan

In the debate about how much rooftop solar owners should be paid for the electricity they generate, some of the most important benefits usually get left out. From helping to protect land and fragile ecosystems...

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News Release | Environment California Research and Policy Center

Statement: Gov. Newsom announces he is accelerating California’s progress to climate goals

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced during a meeting with climate scientists that he is directing California state agencies to accelerate California’s progress toward its nation-leading climate goals. Here is our statement.

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News Release | Environment California Research & Policy Center

New report highlights the environmental benefits of rooftop solar in California

Installing more rooftop solar in California will increase essential renewable electricity generation while protecting the state’s open spaces. It will also help make communities more resilient to global warming-related disruptions to the power grid.

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Report | Environment California Research & Policy Center

The Environmental Case for Rooftop Solar Energy

California has long been a global leader in environmental protection. California’s pioneering actions to reduce air pollution, safeguard natural areas, and protect vulnerable species have set a high standard for the United States and beyond. 

Today, California faces its biggest environmental challenge: climate change. Over the next several decades, California will need to repower its economy with clean, renewable energy – and do so with as little impact as possible on wildlife and wild places. 

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