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Meet the New State Director

 | by Laura Deehan
State Director, Environment California

Excited to be getting started as Environment California's new State Director. Here's why I'm motivated more than ever to do this work. 

President Biden’s first day actions signal a welcome change in direction for wild forest policy.

 | by
Ian Corbet
Conservation America Campaign, Associate

The consumer goods giant continues to make irresponsible use of the world’s forests.

In a world overrun by plastic pollution, Thanksgiving shouldn’t come with a side of plastic. That's why we're calling on Whole Foods to take action.

 | by
Dan Jacobson
Senior Advisor

Environment California is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to clean air, clean water and protecting beautiful places. For the past 20 years we have worked to move our state toward 100% clean energy.  We worked on the first Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), SB 1078 by Senator Sher and the subsequent ones ending with SB 100 by Senator de Leon. We have also worked on the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, which was completed last year and numerous programs for energy efficiency and conservation.