Cloudy skies for L.A.'s solar efforts

Rooftop solar panels make a lot of sense for L.A., not only because the city is so frequently sun-splashed but because local power development is the easiest and cheapest way to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, since one doesn't need to build power lines to carry electricity here from desert solar plants or mountain wind farms. Compared to other cities, though, L.A. is lagging.


Five reasons why California cities will build one million solar roofs and 12 distributed GW by 2020

Can California cities scale their clean energy infrastructure by an order of magnitude over the next six to eight years while attracting investments and generating local jobs? The math says yes and the answer to the future of clean distributed energy in California may be found in Sonoma County.


Sonoma County embraces solar power

You might not realize it on a foggy winter morning, but Sonoma County cities are really soaking in the sun. A new study shows the county has one of the highest concentrations of solar energy users in the state.


Yuba City solar power praised

Yuba City residents use more solar energy than 90 percent of the state, according to an environmental report released this week.


Woodland named a California solar power leader

Woodland, trailing only Chico, is a state leader in solar power, according to a new environmental report. The report, which came out Tuesday from the Los Angeles-based Environment California Policy and Research Center, said Chico produces more solar power per resident than any other city in the state, with solar capacity per resident at .110 kilowatt, followed by Woodland in second place at .100 kilowatt, for cities with 50,000 residents or more.