Consideran energía solar

Así lo divulgó el Environment California Research & Policy Center, en su más reciente reporte. Este señaló que, luego de un análisis de 200 escuelas en el estado, con el proyecto California Solar Schools no solo existe una oportunidad de ahorro económico significativo para las escuelas, sino que los estudiantes podrían gozar de un ambiente más limpio y del valor de la educación ambiental.


Survey: California Schools Going Solar

A survey of California schools found nearly 200 solar projects installed on campuses, leading the way to the state's solar future, environmentalists say.


California Schools Are Going Solar

California's schools are leading the way to the state's solar future, generating electrical power while saving on costs and helping educate their students about the importance of renewables.


San Onofre's cloudy future

These are dark days at the San Onofre nuclear plant just south of Orange County. Both of its reactors have been shut down for more than four months, when abnormal "thinning" was discovered in the tubes of recently installed steam generators. Neither reactor will come back on line this summer, and after that, it's still unclear whether one or both will be switched on again and if so, at full power or partial — or whether they'll stay shut for the foreseeable future.


State Expands Solar Metering Program

"Today is a day that will shine bright in California history, bringing more jobs, cleaner air and a more secure energy future for all Californians," Michelle Kinman, clean energy advocate with Environment California Research & Policy Center, wrote in a news release.