CLIMATE CHANGE: Warnings from Schwarzenegger, Environment California

Warnings about the drastic consequences of climate change have come from two directions this week — a draft version of a National Climate Assessment issued by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, and “In the Path of the Storm,” a report by Environment California about the consequences of climate change already observed in the United States.


A Different Solar Milestone

Regardless of how it's accounted for, getting more rooftop solar installed in California is a good thing, and Environment California credits the Million Solar Roofs initiative of the state's Go Solar campaign with making the 1,500 megawatt benchmark possible.


Sunny Times for Solar Power, Except in L.A.

...there's a lot more work the DWP needs to do to help solar reach its enormous potential in Los Angeles -- this is a very sunny city and could be a beacon for clean development.


California Facing Rolling Blackouts Because of Green Energy?

The Fox Business program "Money with Melissa Francis" claims that California is facing an electricity crisis due to the state’s alleged overreliance on renewable energy. Environment California Research & Policy Center's clean energy advocate Michelle Kinman argued on air that California’s diverse mixture of renewable energy is in fact making our electricity grid more reliable and that the only question now is how to ramp up the state’s renewable energy fast enough to replace the state’s fleet of old, dirty fossil fuel and nuclear power plants.


Schools Go Solar to Save Cash, Revive Programs

As energy goes in California, schools are among the biggest users, causing many districts in the state to consider solar power as a way to shave utility expenses.