Study: State government support leads to more solar installations

A study released today “Lighting the Way: What We Can Learn from America’s Top 12 Solar States” by the Environment California Research & Policy Center finds the states with government policies and government programs supporting solar tend to have far more solar installed than other states.


California Ranks Among Top Six Solar States

The report from Environment California shows solar capacity in the state grew by 35-percent in 2012. It now has almost 3,000 megawatts. That’s enough to power an estimated 600-thousand homes. Michelle Kinman with Environment California says it’s not the availability of sunlight that puts states in the lead, but similar public policies that support solar energy.


Closing of San Onofre Nuclear Plant Draws Praise

Environmental and citizens' groups and a U.S. Senator are applauding an announcement early Friday that Southern California Edison's San Onofre nuclear power plant will be staying closed permanently.  And as the California Energy Commission (CEC) starts work on planning for a future without San Onofre, antinuclear groups are now setting their sights on the state's last remaining nuclear power plant at Diablo Canyon.


California Nuclear Plant to Shut: A Case of Unforgiving Nuclear Economics

Environmental groups that had opposed restart were quick to applaud the decision. “Shutting down San Onofre is the right thing to do,” said Michelle Kinman, with Environment California, in a prepared statement. “Shutting down this nuclear plant will best protect public safety and the environment.”


Students Sing Solar Power Praises To L.A. Council

An environmental nonprofit brought hundreds of elementary school students to Los Angeles City Hall on Tuesday, May 7, in an effort to put the heat on the city officials to start getting more electricity from the sun. Environment California, the group that brought Betty Plasencia Elementary School students to City Hall, wants the city to get 20 percent of its electricity via solar generation by 2020.